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ArenaMaster LFG

I'm sure we all know how frustrating it can be to sit in WoW LFG all day looking for people to play arenas and rbgs with. It doesn't help that you're blocked from actually playing something else while you wait to get accepted or for someone to apply to your group.

By signing up for a FREE ArenaMaster account you'll get access to the improved LFG System where you'll be able to find partners with similiar rating and experience in just a few clicks. The days of copy-pasting your CR and EXP as well as verifying people that apply to your groups are over!

You'll also get access to the following one-click integrations:

  • Integration

    This unlocks access to the LFG system by importing all of your max level characters. You'll be able to apply to groups in 1 click with any of your characters and easily create groups at the same time.

  • Discord Integration

    By connecting with Discord you'll get added to a member only discord channel where you can discuss strategies, team comps, optimal talents, gear and much more with our evergrowing PvP community.

  • Twitch Integration

    By connecting with Twitch we'll feature your stream on each of your character's profiles. It's a great way to promote your stream and grow your audience.

Support on PatreonSupport us on Patreon and get the ability to make your groups stand out in LFG for your main character. You'll also get access to a subscriber-only Discord Channel where you can be a part of brainstorming future features for the app and enjoy an ad-free experience.