Why ArenaMaster LFG?

If you're like me, you probably spent WAY too much time sitting in LFG scrolling through groups that MIGHT be a fit for you. You then apply, copy-pasting your current rating and experience and linking relevant achievements.

Then you repeat that over and over until you get frustrated and decide to create your own group (because for some reason you can't have an active group and apply to others). Now you're AFK and alt-tabbed waiting for your WoW icon to glow orange so you can check who applied. You get back in the game only to see the CR and EXP they noted/whispered and then tab again going to Armory to check if what they wrote is actually true...

So much time is wasted on everything except the one thing you logged on to do - PLAYING WOW ARENA & RBG.

Wouldn't it be easier if you could find arena/rbg partners passively while you're at school, work or actually playing some other content in the game we all love.

Getting started

1. Sign Up for a FREE ArenaMaster account by providing an email and password of your choice.

2. Click the "Connect with Battle Net" button on your settings integrations page to import your max level characters.

Now you've unlocked access to the LFG and can easily create and apply to groups!

Creating groups

You can create a group for any of you imported characters. You can select the bracket, title, description as well as required current rating and experience of players that you want to apply. You can also select a list of classes and specializations that you're interested in playing with.

Only players that match those criteria can SEE and APPLY to your group!

Applying to groups

Applying to groups is really easy. You just select the character you want to play and the bracket and you'll see a list of groups that you looking for your class and spec with similar rating and experience.

You can apply in one click and also send an optional note to the group leader and all your relevant PvP info will be sent with your application.